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Breathe Retreat 2021

 There is no doubt 2020 was a year! Mentally, physically, and emotionally draining on all of us. With no telling how 2021 will go, I will venture to say that come the end, we will need a safe place to just...breathe.


This weekend will be a time to come together as women to heal collectively. To grow from others and their experience, but also to tap into parts of us that we have buried, or that we did not know was there. This is not a retreat where you are allowed to be anything besides your authentic self. In order for us to grow, learn and heal, it will be required for every woman to have the heart and desire to share, to be raw and be willing to help other women release.




To bring in women from all walks of life. Young (at least 18yo), seasoned, married, single, kids, no kids....ect. The goal is for everyone to grow and learn something new about themselves and others before they leave. To have a good time with no judgement. We will mix some spiritual with a little ratchet.  

October 2021

15th - 17th


Buffalo Cabins and Lodges

Keep reading for the itinerary, 

event, and payment details!


November 2021

5th - 7th


High Points Retreat

Keep reading for the itinerary, 

event, and payment details!




Arrival between 5:00-7:00pm

  • Introduction activity

  • Dinner- Together

  • Evening activities: Movie, craft, hot tub, games



  • Breakfast

  • 3 “Breathing” activities


  • Lunch

  • Break-out sessions

- Reflection Break -

  • Dinner

  • Group Activity

  • Evening activities: Movie, craft, hot tub, games



  • Light Breakfast

  • Parting ceremony,

  • Check-out 11:00am**

In the months leading up to the retreat I will be sending out “growth assignments”. These assignments will assist you throughout the year. They will be small reminders to take time for yourself and to breathe.


One month prior to the retreat we will have a virtual meet and greet. This will allow everyone to see who all is attending the retreat, ask last minute questions, and for me to share any last minute updates. 

This schedule is open to change. A finalized and more detailed itinerary will be sent out at least one week before arrival. It is the plan to bring in specialist and guest speakers for the retreat.

What to bring: ​​

  • Towels/Wash cloths

  • ear plugs

  • two “nice” dinner outfits

  • fun pjs

  • workout clothes

  • hiking boots/shoes

  • coats/rain gear

  • bandana

  • swimsuit

  • blanket

  • an open mind (more will be added)

Price & Payment



Lodging, meals and most retreat materials included.

Early Bird

Lodging, meals and most retreat materials included.

Discounted rate if paid in full by February 28, 2021.


Protected Plan

Lodging, meals and most retreat materials included.

Traveler's Insurance Included.


*Allows you to cancel your reservation at any time with a full refund of $350. If you are still able to make the retreat, the $25 will not be returned to you.


Should the retreat need to be cancelled for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Tropical Paradise

Join Us!

A non-refundable deposit of $50 will be due in order to secure reservation.

Payment plan below can be adjusted when make your reservation.

All payments must be sent via Cashapp or PayPal.

Cashapp: $CNoelDesigns



Optional Payment Plan

(based on $350*) 2nd Friday of each month

If a month is skipped, payment will be added to following month

Feb. 28,


$50 non-refundable reservation fee

March 13, 2021


April 10,


$42.85... Money after this point will only receive a 50% refund.

May 8,



June 12,



July 10,



Aug. 14,


$42.85... No refunds after this point. 

Sept. 10,


$42.85... Final Payment

 You may include the $25 traveler’s insurance fee into your payment plan ($46.42 per month)

All payments must be made on or before 8:00PM on the date the payment is due. If you are utilizing the payment plan and the money is received later, a $10.00 late fee may be added to your payment for the next month. If you believe this will be the case, please notify the coordinator in advance.


**Your place will only be secure once your initial payment of $50 has been received. For these initial retreats, I am only accepting the first 12 women each week who put down their payment first. If for any reason you pay your deposit after the 12 spots have been filled, you will be promptly notified and refunded.**

Image by Yulian Alexeyev

Additional Info


Health and safety is our number 1 concern. We are requiring everyone to get tested and/or have received the vaccine prior to the Friday arrival date. Must get a negative COVID test within 3 days of arrival, or have taken the vaccine. 

Tropical Paradise

Have Questions?

Room Assignments

I will not be creating room assignments. It is my hope to have this experience be as organic as possible. There will be some women in attendance who do know each other, and some who do not.


One of the main goals of this retreat is to get you out of your comfort zones. I want you to step outside of the familiar and get to know someone new. I will even challenge you all to room with someone you do not know.


I believe the room assignments will shape out the way they are supposed to upon arrival.

  • Room size varies

  •  # of people per room varies

  • Please look at the locations above for your desired weekend

There will be 13 women in total each week (including me) and each woman will have their own bed. 

Travel Arrangements

If you are flying, I would recommend that you fly into CMH- Columbus Airport.


The cabin is about an hour from this airport.


If we get enough people who are interested, I will look into renting a 15 passenger van to transport those of you who are not local. Or we can set up a good old-fashion carpooling system with those of us who are local. I do not want to create an additional barrier for those who are flying in. 

I am more than excited for you to join me in this experience. This is a huge faith leap, and I believe God will bless this retreat and allow it to be what it is supposed to be individually and collectively. Thank you for trusting me, and believing in me and this vision. 

Peace and Love, 

Coordinator Information:
Christian Johnson


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